Blesid specializes in DEI for youth programs, non-profits, and government agencies. Our services include survey creation, conference presentations, youth presentations, program development, and diversity metric evaluations.


The BLESID team conducts prospect research, the first step in evaluating which donor or foundation interests align with your nonprofit’s goals. We provide a detailed list of funders at the start of our engagement and update the list annually for our clients. We also provide the first contact to the donors to verify interest and alignment with their current initiatives and guidelines to determine the best approach for your funding request.


Many funders require a brief Letter of Inquiry (“LOI”) as an introduction for funding. BLESID will assist your nonprofit in writing an LOI that meets the required guidelines and format for each funder.


Full proposals or Application Whether you are submitting an unsoliciteda proposal or after your LOI has been accepted, the BLESID team will work with you to help build a strong proposal that includes, demographics, defined need, metrics, evidence based support, budget, full team support packages (i.e., resumes, biographybiographies’s, and your staffing and management plans.)


At BLESID we believe in leaning in with our clients. We will help our clients develop materials that show case their services and skills. This includes graphic design, developing strong cases for funding documents, and program descriptions. We also provide assistance


BLESID provides support for funders in several ways. We can provide tutorials and informative sessions for prospective applicants to prepare for the application process and also provide technical assistance after the award has been given to ensure that the grantee adheres to the funders requirements.


At BLESID we take the confidentiality of our client’s information seriously. Our team members adhere to non-disclosure agreements to ensure our client’s privacy and security.