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You may come across an error message that an Account Number does not exist or isn’t correct. If that happens the rest of the entry will not be pasted into Business Central until you fix the issue. To do so, simply locate the error in Excel or Business Central and delete out the lines. You will have to go back in and copy and re-paste everything.


If you have a partner asked them to open ticket with Microsoft. I had one strange issue long time ago and Microsoft ended up to find and solve it . There are a number of other new features included with GP2013 R2. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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I need to book some expenses for forecasting but then post as a reversing entry. Is there a way to copy a prior GL posting and post again? (If that makes sense!) I need to book some … Know that you’re always welcome to post again anytime if you need help again in the future. The Community is here to back you up.

press ctrl+c

A picture of the “Add/Edit Multiple List Entries” window that lets you copy and paste list data from Excel into QuickBooks Pro. To reorganize their display, select the name of a column shown in the “Chosen Columns” list. Then click the “Move Up” or “Move Down” buttons to move the selected fields up or down in the list. The order they appear from top to bottom in the “Chosen Columns” list is the order they appear from left to right in the window after you click the “OK” button to approve your changes. The first step is to create your spreadsheet that contains your journal entries. Place your cursor in the Account field in the line items section of the journal entry.

How to Save Time Using the Excel Copy/Paste Function in Dynamics GP

If no errors are encountered, the journal entries copied from Excel spreadsheet will get pasted into the GL Transaction Entry window. Not only that, the amounts in either debit or credit column seem to be divided by 1,000. So for instance if I put 5,000 in excel and copy paste it, the value copied in the journal will be 5. This only happens when multiple lines are copy pasted. Copy the data from the Excel spreadsheet.

How do you transfer journal entries?

Transfer Entries

We do this by means of a transfer journal entry in the Journal Proper. We use a Transfer Journal Entry to allocate an expense or revenue from one account to another. It is used to transfer funds between object codes within an account or sponsored project.

Contact your administrator or application developer to change the Editable property on the page or PasteIsValid property on the source table. To copy a single row, select it, and press Ctrl+C. This article answers common questions you might have about copying and pasting.

Microsoft Dynamics GP with Excel Tip: How to Copy/Paste GL Transactions from Excel to Microsoft Dynamics GP in 4 Easy Steps

The most difficult one would be the amount Copy And Paste Journal Entry From Excel. If you have debit and credit, in IIF it must be just the amount. How do you get those minuses and plusses in right place? You would create the amount column in your template and then would enter the formula, as simple as this – which is debit minus credit. For this file, as here, the final result would look like this. As you see, I filled the first entry TRNS line and then split line, and then ENDTRNS.

Stop working so hard: Let Dynamics 365 Business Central do it for you – MSDynamicsWorld

Stop working so hard: Let Dynamics 365 Business Central do it for you.

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Then let’s install the program by opening the downloaded file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe) and follow the on-screen instructions. Press Ctrl+Click on another row or press Shift+Click to select the row and all rows in between. See Keyboard Shortcuts for more mouse and keyboard combinations for selecting rows. If there are no errors in your file, the copied data will be placed into your Transaction Entry. First you need to make sure your header in Excel file is exactly matching header in BC. The best practice is to create one batch then hide all the fields you do not need and organize the rest the way you want it.

This solution was developed as we needed to post a very large unique Journal Entry every other week for payroll. We worked through options with IIF imports which worked, but the process was just too complicated – we wanted something much more simple. Enter the QuickBooks Software Development Kit . If you see something wrong, return to the Batch Entry window and click on the Transactions button in the lower right-hand corner. You can review the entry by clicking on the printer button in the ribbon bar. You do not need to copy the headings, just the lines of data that you need.

This is an enhancement that everyone has been waiting for! With the release of GP 2013 R2 you can now copy journal entries from an Excel spreadsheet and paste them directly in to the Financial Transaction Entry screen. Why can’t I just copy and paste from excel into Microsoft Dynamics GP? Well, Microsoft has finally heard you! Last May, Microsoft released GP 2013 R2, which included the ability to copy journal entry details from Excel. One thing that you’re going to see throughout the system on any transactions is a button called Release.